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Investments & Acquisitions

When it comes to investments and acquisitions we have experience from both sides of the table. We regularly help entrepreneurs and startups to grow by securing external funding, and we also assist larger companies and investors in growing through acquisitions and investments. The Serendipity Group itself acquires several mature companies each year and also invests in new promising startups and technologies.

We usually take care of the entire process from advising on strategy, handling due diligence, managing negotiations and drafting contracts.

Our experience from representing Serendipity and other investors makes it easier for us to represent entrepreneurs and startups when the tables are turned, since we understand the investor’s perspective and know what drives value. To give a professional impression is more important than one might expect, and we work proactively with startups to eliminate all the flaws and shortcomings that investors are used to seeing in early stage companies.

Being used to representing both sides also makes it easier for us to reach balanced deals, instead of getting stuck in uncompromising negotiations.


New Technologies & Markets


Being part of Serendipity we are naturally experienced within commercialization of innovative technologies. Our mission is often two folded; we focus on how to secure rights as well as how to harvest business opportunities created from R&D. Typical assignments involve research collaborations, product developments, partnering agreements and patent transfers.

We also advise clients on how to enter new markets with their products and services, including setting up distribution, supplier and license deals with counterparties abroad.


Our lawyers review, draft and negotiate a broad range of commercial agreements such as supplier agreements, joint venture agreements, consultancy agreements and customer agreements.

We are proud of having a strong commercial understanding and focus and we base all our advice on a two-folded legal and commercial analysis. We do not believe that our role is to put up a fight on every single issue, but rather to make sure that both parties are still satisfied and excited about their future cooperation when the deal is signed.


Talent Acquisitions

The most important assets for many companies are the people working there. In close collaboration with our HR team we help our clients to both acquire and retain talents.

This involves drafting and negotiating employment agreements with key personnel, making sure that the company secures all rights generated by the employee and is secured from unfair competition and “bad leavers”.

We are also experienced in setting up warrant schemes and other incentive programs to attract qualified talents to companies that may not have the cash flow to pay high salaries but that are facing a promising growth. A warrant scheme creates clear incentives to contribute to the company’s growth and a shared risk/reward between the employees and founders. It’s very important that all terms are correctly drafted to avoid unpleasant tax consequences.


Corporate Governance

We advice CEO:s, board of directors, founders and entrepreneurs on how to successfully apply different corporate governance routines and strategies to maintain structure and compliance when undergoing rapid growth.

We assist in board meetings, general meetings of shareholders and hold educations on, for instance, the personal liability of board members and the CEO.

This also involves setting up shareholders’ agreements that ensure that all founders and other stakeholders, such as investors, are on the same page and that the risk of internal disputes is mitigated.

We have developed a customized Serendipity Data Room environment, to ensure that structure and corporate housekeeping adds value and speed in upcoming investments or exits. Client’s can easily invite an investor to review relevant financial, legal or other documentation. The structure and features of the Data Room gives a very professional impression when presenting the company for external stakeholders, and also makes our clients’ day-to-day work easier by keeping all documentation securely and centrally available online.


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