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We offer our clients consulting services in everything related to real estate, commercial lease, construction, land and environment and contract law. S. Consulting possesses great knowledge and experience in the field and has worked with all the major telecom companies in Sweden.

Our operations span from rent and tenancy law to planning and building law, regulatory approvals to pathways and project management.

Together with our technical partner, we can undertake turnkey projects in engineering, legal and project management.


Real Estate Services


We offer our clients consulting services in project management, procurement and real estate law.

We are unique in the way that the same person can take responsibilities that usually requires several roles because of our multi-facet backgrounds and skills. This contributes to faster and more efficient processes. By having combined project managers and real estate lawyer, for example, property managers and trustees at an earlier stage than the usual project manager does and be of as early as at the hearing with the future tenant and later be the project manager for the tenant improvements and supporting the property owner in property law matters.

Tenant Services

In our business Tenant Services, we support you as a tenant of property law, negotiation and project management.

For instance, we help our clients through proactive management agreements. We possess good negotiating skills, especially within real estate legal issues as we have negotiated over a thousand property law contracts to private, municipal, state and commercial property owners.

By contacting us at an early stage, we can decrease the property owners’ advantage in terms of expertise and their assessment of the fair market rent value, which will generate time and cost savings for you. We have been involved in projects all over Sweden for all types of premises and are therefore a valuable partner in the negotiation and assessment of market based value contract terms and remuneration levels.


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