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Talent Acquisition

As the main provider of top talent to the Serendipity Group, we have developed a knack for identifying highly skilled individuals who can generate growth and create value for their companies. We maintain an extensive network of high achievers within the areas of Business Development, Life Sciences and Engineering.

We are known for having an innovative approach to Talent Acquisition. As an example, many of the CEO’s we have recruited were newly graduates. Of course, this is not a preferred recruitment strategy for every company. But what makes us stand out in the recruitment industry is that we don’t rule anything out. We take a close look at your company before we decide what strategy is most suitable to your needs. And who knows, you might be in for a surprise!

Within the Talent Acquisition area, we offer:

  • Headhunting Services
  • Employer Branding Solutions

For more information about our service offering, please contact mia@sprofessionals.se


HR Consulting


We operate from the belief that a motivated and diverse organization is also a performing organization. As such, we invest our hearts and minds into developing and implementing HR strategies that are tailored for your specific challenge. Perhaps you want to assess if your corporate culture is consistent? Or perhaps you would like to create a culture of innovation? Whatever the challenge, we stand prepared to give you a hand.

Our method is meticulous. We begin every assignment by assessing the current situation in your company. Based on this information we give suggestions and design a strategy to face your specific HR challenge. We value solutions that are sustainable, creative and delivered with an elegant simplicity. Most importantly, we don’t leave you with a fancy power point presentation and campaign material – we stay with you and help you follow through with the implementation of the solution.

Within our HR Consulting area, we offer strategic advice related to the following areas:

  • Assessments
  • Corporate Culture

For more information about our service offering, please contact sofie@sprofessionals.se

How we can optimize your growth


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Mia Mattsson

Head of HR
Tel: +46 763 48 52 71
Email: mia@sprofessionals.se