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Executive Recruitments
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Before taking on an assignment, we closely study the challenges the company faces and how and why the recruitment can aid in solving those challenges. When the playing field is set, we together make sure that the role has the right incentives and possibilities to succeed with the task.

You can continue to focus on your business and let our methodology do the work. We always make sure to share both risk & reward with all our clients and find the key people for your business.


For more information, please contact Mia Mattsson



We believe that a motivated and diverse organization is also a performing organization. As such, we invest our hearts and minds into developing and implementing HR strategies that are tailored for your business. Perhaps you want to assess if your corporate culture is consistent? Or perhaps you would like to create a culture of innovation?

Most importantly, we don’t leave you with a fancy power point presentation and campaign material – we stay with you and help you follow through with the implementation of the solution.


For more information, please contact Sofie Pettersson



If your company is facing rapid growth, we facilitate it through embedding a recruiter in your organisation, that is an expert on the recruitment process and gets the recruitments done.

Our recruitment experts work on site, quickly getting to know your organization and representing it in the best way. We are seasoned veterans within IT/Tech recruitment, but can help with almost any role.


For more information, please contact Jean-Pierre Shammass



Cruitway is the next-generation digital plattform that connects newly graduated people with work opportunities within digital, marketing and business. We combine efficient content marketing of jobs, a mobile job search-service and headhunting to find talent to our clients.

Gigway is a mobile platform for finding gigs and projects, mainly within digital marketing and business. We provide companies with specialised top talent on demand. Job and talent search, legal agreements, salary, invoice, taxes, schedueling, time reports, perks, rating, feedback, portfolio, coaching, community – all in one platform.


For more information, please contact Adrian Swartz


How we can optimize your growth


Mia Mattsson

Partner, Head of Business Development
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Email: mia@sprofessionals.se

Adrian Swartz

Head of Digital Ventures
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Emma Holmquist-Sköld

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Emma Edlund

HR Consultant People & Performance

Daniel Dudek

Partner, Head of People Operations
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Jean-Pierre Shammass

Head of Onsite Solutions
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Victor-Hugo Olofsson

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Oscar Gezelius

Marketing Coordinator Digital Ventures

Arnold Sjölund

Head of Executive Search
Tel: +46 735 45 63 43
Email: arnold@sprofessionals.se

Josephine Gertzén

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Hugo Järnland

Talent Acquisition Consultant IT & Tech

Sofie Pettersson

Head of People & Performance.
Tel: +46 735 25 25 34
Email: sofie@sprofessionals.se

Katja Leonova

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Mattias Marklund

Talent Acquisition Consultant IT & Tech