The history of S.Professionals

  • 2003

    Saeid Esmaeilzadeh and Ashkan Poya founded Diamorph, the first company in what came to be the Serendipity Group.


    Realising the potential of commercialising technology Serendipity Innovations was found. The idea being to systematically build technology companies based on leading research.


    Organoclick (today listed at Nasdaq First North) was founded.


    Xbrane and Episurf (now listed on Nasdaq First North and Nasdaq Small Cap) was founded.


    Swecure and Abera Bioscience was founded, the portfolio of companies spun off to create Serendipity Ixora, allowing external investors to invest in that portfolio.

  • 2013

    The portfolio companies registered robust growth and the need to create a infrastructure to support them was high. The Business Area HR was created and during the first few month they supported the portfolio companies with a number of executive recruitments.


    Serendipity Professionals was founded (Sprof AB) and started to headhunt specialists in areas needed for robust growth to keep up with the demands both from internal and external actors. Our Business Area HR grew stronger and gained a very high reputation in the art of finding candidates combining high academic credentials with an entrepreneural vein.


    Serendipity Professionals now had the full width to support both organic and non-organic growth existing of experts divided into Business Area: HR, IT, Legal, Infra & Property Consulting and Corporate Matchmaking.


    Serendipity Group was divided into two areas, Serendipity Ixora and Sdiptech. Sdip Tech with an strategy of acquiring entrepreneurial driven, niched companies. Serendipity Professionals, trough Business Area Corporate Matchmaking & Legal successfully acquired seven companies and realised an IPO.


    Serendipity Professionals now has 20+ employees with the majority of its clients coming from external needs.


S.Professionals offers services within the business areas HR, Corporate Matchmaking, Infra & Property Consulting and Legal. With a team coming from Serendipity Innovations, we have the experience and know-how from developing and managing innovation driven companies.

Since 2004, Serendipity has founded and managed more than 15 technology companies within clean tech, life sciences, materials engineering, IT and medical technology. The key of our success are the people that have joined us on this journey. We believe that the individuals are more important than the technology when creating commercially strong companies. By merging teams of complementary competencies, we have created an environment which refines creative ideas to meet the market needs.

Building companies and managing advanced projects has given us the experience and know-how within our offered services. During this journey we have met several obstacles, forcing us to develop our processes for each occasion. From this, we have been able to create a process empowering us to excel in our operations and gain understanding of what drives professionals. The result is S.Professionals.

We offer a range of differentiated services, continuously growing together with our clients. By combining these, we can build the organization of our clients, which enables them to meet the market demands. Through our network we attract professionals with a driven entrepreneurial mindset, with the ability to develop and change our clients’ organizations. This requires an understanding of current needs, as well as anticipation of future needs. By doing so, we can maximize the value of our services ensuring future growth of our clients.

Our team has knowledge and experience from all industries, enabling an understanding of our clients’ organizations as well as our candidates. Our team consists of professionals within management, sales, law, economics, employer branding, life science, engineering, IT and HR.